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Second Chance: Making art

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 4:47 PM

Hello hello :happybounce:

Welcome back to our weekly feature. For the theme this week I though, since I think all of us enjoy making art, and we like doing art of the thing we like, why not art about art making :lol: But then I was afraid it was too random, fortunately you rise to the challenge and we got fantastic suggestions:

Music Heals by raiinysummer Kawaii Winter by Colorful--Melody Sailor Shui Niu by Kythana
The Creator by Zaru-Jinze DrawAnime mascot contest by Yumeih
Just Painting by Ginryuzaki The Sky... -Inochi Yasumi- by Phoenix-of-Vodka Luka: the tailor shop by NekoLiliah
BLEACH - RENJI WTF Art skills by Washu-M CWAM: Origami by blank-death About Art :SasoDei: by JennyJinya

I didn't expect so many forms of art, we have almost all you can think of, and it's all lovely. I  encourage to full-view and show them your love if you feel so inclined ;)

For those new here or interested in previous features, you can see our previous entries here…

For our next theme we will keep in random stuff:
:pointr: Circles

Remember I'm not very strict on the theme, as long as it features something circularly shaped (spherical too, if you want me to be precise) and it's anime style it will be considered. Bubbles, balls, disks planets, wheels... they are all ideas of things that are circular. But don't be afraid to surprise, original interpretations of the theme are not only accepted but encouraged.

Just post a link in the comments below. You can suggest your own work or from someone else.

Finally, remember I'm always open to suggestions for future themes. If for some reason you are frustrated that I never choose a theme on which you can participate or you have a nice idea, just name it. Anything will be considered. I may not use them right away but I will very likely in the future

Now get postin' :eager:

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